This New Year, Revamp Your Outdoor Maintenance Style

Well, listen up because we got your back! Here are some excellent tips to keep your outdoor spaces in prime condition.


Whether you're entertaining a big group or just hanging out with a couple of friends, everyone is gonna notice your deck! Take proper care of your deck with a light power wash in the spring, followed by a clean coat of natural clear stain. When fall arrives, try keeping leaves from accumulating with a weekly brush-off. This will prevent any decayed leaves from staining your deck. Remember to always start with a dry wipe-off before proceeding with any of the above methods of cleaning!

Pavers & Patios

Winters can be extreme and often unpredictable in general. So imagine the damage on your pavers and patios! A few easy steps to protect your decor and you can avoid damage without any hassle. Start by wiping away any winter debris the first day of spring and then give it a wash, clearing any left behind dirt. But make sure there’s no water left between the joints of your furnishings; as the freezing and thawing ice can lead to deterioration during the winter season.

Fire pits & fireplaces

Fire pits and fireplaces look super appealing and let you relish the outdoors during winters. But how do you keep them intact and functioning well all throughout the year with erratic and ever-changing climate? The only way to make them last is to tend to them on a regular basis. If you have a gas fireplace, ensure that you carefully store away the ceramic logs to avoid mishaps. One of the easiest ways to ensure they remain safe and secure is to invest in top-quality protective covers that endure all types of weather to keep your outdoor spaces in top notch condition. Where can you find such premium quality covers or tarps? At Covers and All of course! We provide customizable and extremely durable covers for outdoor fire pits and fireplaces that keep them in perfect condition for the longest time.

Outdoor kitchen Appliances

Your outdoor kitchen appliances don't need as much maintenance and cleaning as your outdoor furniture. But you still need to keep them clean and safe (especially any electronic appliance). How do you do that, you ask? There are only three words...Cover! Cover! Cover! Covering your home appliances like Island Kitchens will allow you to enjoy your stuff whenever you want. Look for durable covers that prevent dust from accumulating, and rainwater from seeping in. Additionally, clean the grates of your grills with a wire brush, and shut off your refrigerators and ice makers when late fall arrives.

Furniture, Fittings, & Other Accessories

For your gorgeous furnishings, it is advisable to use customized covers to protect items based on the material its made of. For example wrought iron and aluminium furniture would require a specific type of cover than say wooden furniture. Customized covers ensure the fit is perfect and stops dirt, water or debris from settling in on your furnishings. Your aim when buying such covers should be durability, extreme weatherproof, and brand reliability.

PS- Don’t forget to take your cushions inside when not in use!