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  • Curved sofa covers are available in all sizes.
  • Covers are made from waterproof and UV-resistant fabric. 
  • Personalise your sofa cover to fit your needs. 
  • Tailor-made covers available for curved sofas.
  • Cover Ace fabric is ideal for shaded areas only (warranty doesn't cover color fading)

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Curved Sofa Covers

Curved Sofa Covers

  • Curved Sofa Covers

    Curved Sofa Covers

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    L Shape Curved Sofa Cover

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Durable and Weatherproof Curved Sofa Covers

There is nothing more relaxing than lazing on your sofa and enjoying the company of friends and family. But fluctuating weather conditions can take a toll on that classy sofa of yours. Ensure your sofa stays as good as new with our curved sofa covers. Created to shield your sofa against harsh weather conditions, the covers are made with 100% waterproof, UV- and tear-resistant fabric. The durable swing covers provide protection against rain, snow, sleet and sun rays and scraping.

The curved sofa covers are made with 600 Denier, 100% solution-dyed polyester fabric. The high tensile strength fabric is carefully designed to add breathability. Therefore, no amount of moisture, mould and mildew can seep into the covers.

Superior quality stitching ensures that the covers provide a perfect fit to the sofa, adding durability at the same time.

Secure your Personalised Outdoor Sofa Covers

You can also personalise your sofa covers to reflect your style as well as meld with your home ambience. Personalise them with your choice of colourful images, logos or texts.

Your personalised covers will work well, only if they stay in place. For this, we have several tie-down options, such as waterproof zippers, extra strong elastic for tighter grip at the base, push clips to secure the legs and grommets for added security. For an additional fee, you can also get airbags to prevent water from forming puddles on the cover. Light access handles make removing the covers and cleaning process easy.

Choose from Three Types of Fabric for Customised Curved Sofa Covers

Exclusively customised for curved sofas of any size, these premium covers keep your sofa in pristine condition for years to come. Designed, keeping durability in mind, the covers are made from medium weight fabric; they easily slide on and off the furniture.

The covers come in a variety of fabrics and colours to choose from. Cover Max and Cover Tuff are 1000 denier PVC coated polyester. Cover Fab is made from 600 Denier melange, PVB Backing Polyester. While Cover Max is for moderate weather, Cover Fab is ideal for shaded areas and Cover Tuff is best for extreme weather conditions. The fabrics come with 3 and 5 year warranty, depending on the type you choose.

We make sure the covers give utmost protection to your sofa and render a sophisticated look at the same time. All you need to do is upload the sofa requirements and we shall ship your tailor-made curved sofa cover, right to your doorstep.

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