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Our Custom Concession Display Covers Offer Complete Protection 

  • Made of high-tensile and weather-resistant fabrics.
  • Multiple tie-down options are available.
  • Choice of various fabrics and colours is available
  • Personalisation options are on offer.
  • Buy more and save more.
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Concession Display Covers Comprise High-Tensile and Weather-Resistant Fabrics

Your retail display case remains in focus and constant use during your sale time. But what about the time when it is not in use? That’s when you need to shield it not just from the sun and rain but also from the onslaught of dirt and dust. Keep your custom concession display area protected from grime and corrosion with Covers & All’s high-tensile custom concession display covers.

All our outdoor concession display covers come with heavy-duty fabrics, which give complete protection from moisture and harmful UV rays. All our covers are tailor-made to give a perfect fit. The premium-quality fabrics have high strength and resist tearing or bruising when rubbed against rough surfaces. Besides preventing weather damage, our covers will also keep dirt grime away and your display case will be as good as new whenever you need it.

Our three different concession display cover fabrics are always ready to resist any weather. Cover Fab, suited for shaded locations, is from 600 Denier, PVB backing polyester. With a graphic weight of 12 oz, this lightweight material feels like fabric in texture. It comes in two different colours and offers a warranty of 3 years.

Cover Max and Cover Tuff retail display covers come with 1000 Denier, PVC-coated polyester. They are both of medium weight at 12 oz and 18 oz, respectively and come with a feel like vinyl. While Cover Max fabric is ideal for moderate weather, you can opt for our covers made with Cover Tuff fabric for tough weather. Cover Max offers six colours and a warranty of 3 years, while Cover Tuff comes with five colour options and a 5-year warranty.

Tie-Down Options are Available with Our Outdoor Concession Display Covers

To keep our all-weather concession display covers firmly in place, we offer four tie-down options for you to choose from. You can fit an elastic or a drawstring at the base of the cover. Rust-free grommets or push clips will help keep the covers tied down safely. For effortless removal or covering, a convenient rust-free zipper is on offer too.

You have the option of personalising your retail industrial covers by simply adding a logo, text, or a design of your choice to it. We will print it in UV-resistant ink in the colour and font spot where you want it placed. Check out our online measurement guide, then select the fabric and colour. Finally, with just a few clicks, you will get a durable, sleek, and smart-looking concession display cover for your case right at your doorstep.

Get Discounts on Bulk Purchase Of Custom Concession Display Covers

At Cover & All, we appreciate our customers and like to give discounts. Order over one of our retail display covers and grab a discount. The discount increases with the number of units ordered. Our ordering process is simple and quick. So, order now and get reliable all-weather protection for your shop concession display covers delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

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