Heavy Duty Tarpaulin 18oz, Size: 14' x 24'

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Heavy Duty 14’ x 24’ Tarps Provide Year Round Protection

  • Rectangular heavy duty tarp protects from inclement weather.
  • UV resistant tarps do not lose their colour.
  • Double-lock seams add endurance to tarps.
  • Tarps available in a choice of colours.
  • Grommets provided at every 24” on the edges & corners.
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Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarpaulins Protect from Moisture & Strong Winds

With bad weather hitting without any notice, it is best to be prepared for sunshine or leaden skies. Shielding your vegetable patch or backyard construction project is easy with our 18Oz tarpaulins. We provide the perfect solution with our premium quality robust tarps in a range of sizes. Our 14’ x 24’ tarp can insulate your possessions kept outdoors from any kind of harsh weather.

Covers & All takes pride in making tarps that are 100% waterproof to withstand the heaviest downpour, snowfall or hail. We make our rectangular tarpaulins UV resistant to block harsh sunlight and protect your possessions from sun damage.

Any gashes or ripping is prevented by the robust PVC coated abrasion and tear resistant fabric of the tarps. Our rainproof tarpaulins prevents any damage caused by accidental impact with anything it shields.

To make these top quality heavy-duty vinyl tarpaulins we use strong and durable fabrics. Tarp Tuff comes in four vibrant fade resistant colours - red, white, blue and black. Choose one that matches your vehicle or complements the canopy it covers.

Our Well Tailored 18Oz Tarpaulins Come With Double-Lock Seams

To add value to our tarps and make them long lasting, we take pride in stitching them to perfection. High-quality double-lock seams on your rectangular tarpaulins make them durable and able to withstand a lot of rough-handling.

Leaving home for a few days? You want to make sure that the weatherproof tarps will not shift and expose your delicate flower shoots to the harsh sun. A sudden wind can do just that, don't worry, tie down your tarp in place with the rust free brass grommets provided on each corner at a gap of every 24” on the edges .

Placing an Order for Your Versatile Heavy-Duty Vinyl Tarps is Easy Online

18Oz tarpaulins are an economical and practical solution for protecting possessions exposed to the elements. Our long lasting tarps are compatible for use in households, all kinds of industries, covering sports areas, construction sites, warehouses, farms and especially by truckers in safely transporting a variety of goods.

Ordering is easy with a few clicks on the computer. Our durable tarps are shipped all across the globe. We deliver to your doorstep.

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