Heavy Duty Tarpaulin 18oz, Size: 25' x 75'

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High-Quality 25' x 50' Heavy Duty Tarp are Available

  • Strong and durable fabric.
  • Weather-resistant to extreme conditions.
  • Various colours are available.
  • Double-lock seams and grommets at corners.
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Reliable and Lasting Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarpaulins

Getting worried about keeping the garden bed in your backyard safe from the onslaught of the harsh sun? We have a solution. Covers & All’s 18oz tarpaulins will help keep all those worries at bay.

Indeed, keeping not just your garden beds but also all your belongings protected is easy with 18-ounce vinyl coated all-weather tarpaulins. Our premium double-lock seams ensure your tarp will last for years. Because of its durable fabric, the tarp won’t stiffen up even on the coldest of winter mornings.

Depending on your personal preferences and requirements, you can choose from our range of four distinct, vibrant colour choices for waterproof tarpaulins. These include blue, red, grey and black.

Our durable patio tarps are suitable for a wide range of applications, including covering gym floors, baseball grounds and canopies on top of buildings. They are also ideal as covers for storage facilities and transportation vehicles.

18oz Tarpaulins Feature Water- and Abrasion-Resistant Fabric

Our all-weather tarpaulins are water and UV-resistant. They are also wind, snow and abrasion-resistant ice-resistant.

These waterproof tarpaulins are excellent for withstanding extreme weather. We provide a warranty of up to five years on the tarp material we offer.

Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarpaulins Come with Brass Grommets

We reinforce the 18oz tarpaulins with brass grommets at every corner and double-lock seams to increase tensile strength and durability.

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