Product Warranty

What We Cover With Our Warranties

The covers & All warranty hereby shared is grounded on above-listed materials and product categories. For the mentioned duration, we ensure our products to be free from flaws linked to product construction and material & performance defects, which are not qualified for normal use.
The mentioned warranty term entitles to begin from purchase date and applies to the individual/company whose name is mentioned on Covers & All invoice. In case our authorities acknowledge any defect from the end of the artisans or the material during the mentioned warranty period, the company, at its own discretion holds the right to repair or replace the product. The right to make the final decision rests with us. Warranties cannot be transferred and come with a liability limited to the purchase price of the product. Also, the warranty applies to products purchased directly from Covers & All, through our official website or Amazon. We recommend you to not purchase products from unauthorized sellers, as they may be selling used, damaged, or altered products, and hence won’t be covered under our Manufacturer Warranty.

How to claim warranty

In order to submit a warranty claim, kindly drop a mail with the below-mentioned information to for final processing.

  • Billing name/order number, address and phone number as mentioned on the purchase invoice
  • Kindly describe the damage and how it occurred.
  • Two pictures of the product including a wide angle photograph in a normal environment and a close up of the damaged area.
  • Your mailing address, in case it is different from the one mentioned at the time of purchase.

The Warranty does not cover

At Covers & All, we are committed to providing best customer support to you. However, there are certain areas we don’t cover. We’ll appreciate your attention and a thorough overview of the conditions mentioned so as to learn about things that are not covered under the warranty. This will eventually help us build a transparent and long-term bond. The conditions here mentioned primarily include normal wear due to usage, damage related to weather condition, improper care, the act of God, misuse/abuse/mishandle, alteration etc.

Here are few issues and their reason for your reference:
  • Scratches: - Due to dust and dirt.
  • Fading fabric: - A natural reaction due to excessive exposure to UV rays.
  • Water-proof: - As mentioned from place to place, the covers manufactured are water-resistant and not water-proof. The reason behind keeping them water-resistant is that it allows breathability (not possible when built water-proof). This is crucial to prevent the development of mold and mildew beneath your covers, by letting moisture caused due to condensation and humidity escape.
  • Stains: - Covers indeed prevent stains, but the same might discolor them.
  • Breathability: - Clean your covers regularly to prevent clogging, which impacts breathability.
  • Damage to Paint: - Few repainted surfaces react after being covered. Ensuring breathability can help to certain extent.
  • Cloudy Surfaces: - This happens due to clogged covers. Keep your covers clean to prevent this.
  • Color Transfer - Often happens when light colored objects are covered with bright/dark color covers.

The team at Covers & All is always ready to solve your queries and help you keep your covers last longer without any damage. In case you have further questions, kindly feel free to acknowledge us at We’ll be happy to serve you with best customer support.