Heavy Duty Tarpaulin 18oz, Size: 15' x 50'

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Heavy-Duty Tarps 15’ x 50’ are Purchasable

  • Made of highly durable, tear & abrasion-resistant fabric.
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions.
  • Available in various colour options.
  • Comes with grommets at corners & double-lock seams.
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Our Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarpaulins are Strong and Robust

Featuring heat-welded seams for increased durability as well as premium double-thick seams to ensure that your tarp will last for years to come. Our vinyl-coated 18oz tarpaulins will keep your valuables covered in all-weather conditions.

Crafted with high-quality fabric, the tarp will not stiffen up on freezing-cold mornings. Our weatherproof tarps offer four different colour options to suit your preferences. These include red, blue, grey and black.

The rectangular tarpaulins come in three shapes: rectangular, square and circular. Whatever the size, our wide customisation options ensure that you get precisely the size you placed an order for.

Our long-lasting, heavy-duty vinyl tarpaulins have several uses. They are used as coverings for farm/garden beds, canopy tops, warehouses, different kinds of transport, household applications, gym floors, among others.

18oz Tarpaulins Fabrics are Snow and Wind-Resistant

The waterproof fabric used to create our rainproof tarpaulins proves to be an effective shield against water and even heavy rains. It is snow resistant as well. Being UV resistant, the tarp fabric does not fade and retains its looks for a long time.

Once secured and fitted well, these weatherproof tarps are particularly well suited for harsh weather situations.

Our Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarpaulins have Brass Grommets at the Borders

Brass grommets are sewn into the front and rear of the 18oz tarpaulins on both sides, as well as the top and bottom, to increase the tarp’s durability. Overall, the tarp becomes more durable as a result of their aid.

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