“The love and care we put into decorating outdoor spaces, is beyond bounds. But when it comes to caring for it, are we doing enough?”

When our founders started looking for an answer to this question, they discovered the world of covers, the one swamped with fixed-size, low-quality, take-it-or-leave-it covers. No, something was surely not right!

Diving deeper, they discovered a fast-growing outdoor lifestyle market!

There were those fancy island kitchens, unusual daybeds, extravagant chairs, custom-made firepits, and the list was endless. But for maintaining this unique outdoor, where were the perfectly designed covers? Covers that not just protected the alfresco but complemented its style and vogue! Premium, customized covers.

And that’s how Covers and All happened. How did we go about it? We made it our mission to start a revolution in the covers industry, a revolution that would bring about that change for a great story—our cover story.


So we got cracking on the quality & customized details of the products.

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Using advanced-tech fabrics, we created superior-quality premium covers with the perfect stitch. And now, it was the time to add that Covers-and-All touch, the touch of our expertise and passion. We introduced fully customizable covers. Yes! Putting up a logo, adding an extra zip, an elastic key, or getting the most abstract dimensions, was all now possible. With Covers and All in the picture, people could find the perfect cover-match for their beloved belongings.

Indeed, we were happy. But our goal of putting a smile on furniture and its owners was not yet met. So next, we worked on simplifying procurement. Our endeavor of a user-friendly website and a joyful customer experience started. And we did not stop until we introduced doorstep delivery of these fully customizable covers in August 2016.

Our Team

“The love and care we put into decorating outdoor spaces, is beyond bounds. But when it comes to caring for it, are we doing enough?”

Our vast portfolio growing day-by-day is the result of just that. Our simple philosophy is to maintain a healthy and happy culture within the Covers and All family. With every new customer getting on board, our family grows. Today we stand tall because of these 15000+ customers that have appreciated and supported us throughout the journey.


We want to make this world a better place. We want each of our customers, employees, and partners to go home satisfied and happy with what they have gotten from us—be it a cover, a set of covers, or just a perfect set of smiles. So now, if you are thinking how does our story end? Well, we have a long way to go and our story is just starting!