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Buy Durable Outdoor Roller Shades for Protection & Style

Spruce up your outdoors while restricting the unwanted elements with Covers & All Outdoor Roller Shades. Designed to withstand various weather conditions, they provide effective sun protection and privacy. They are available in custom sizes and are backed by a warranty. We also personalisation option for uniqueness.

Our bestsellers in this category include classic outdoor roller shades, clear roller shades, premium outdoor roller shades, etc. We also offer various accessories for mounting, lifting, etc., for your convenience.

Outdoor Garden Roller Shades Ensure Safety from Weather Conditions

Weather Fabric Options: Different weather conditions require different treatment. This is where we offer different fabric-based roller shades. Starting from Classic Clear fabric made of Ultra Clear PVC to fabric featuring openness of up to 4%, 10%, 14%, and more, these fabric options will help you cater to different weather patterns.

Custom Sizes: To ensure the roller shades fit perfectly to your space, we offer customisation option. You can easily customise the shades in any size you wish. Simply share the dimensions and we will craft the shades in the preferred size.

Fire Retardant & Anti-Bacterial Treatment: Experience enhanced safety and durability with our premier outdoor roller shades featuring fire retardant, non-rotting, and anti-bacterial treatment. These specifications ensure a well-protected and long-lasting solution complementing your outdoor space with functional and stylish shades. Whereas our premium outdoor roller shades with chemically inert, fire-retardant properties feature micro-ventilated texture.

Waterproof: If you require waterproof or water-resistant shades, go for our clear roller shades and printed outdoor blackout shades. Owing to their water resistant features, these shades are safe from downpours, snow, spills. Besides, the waterproof attributes, our roller shades also safeguard from dust, debris, strong winds, etc.

Safe from Tears, Cuts, & Slits: Except for premium outdoor roller window shades, all our outdoor roller shades in this category are resilient to tears and abrasions. Hence, you can rest assured that your outdoor garden roller shades won’t get affected by cuts, slits, and ruptures.

UV Protection: Our waterproof outdoor roller shades are equipped with UV resistant fabric, providing a robust shield against harmful UV rays. Say goodbye to worries of sun damage and fading as these shades ensure your outdoor belongings remain safe and protected.

Personalisation: We offer a personalisation option for our extra wide outdoor roller shades. You can add your name, logo, or artwork to accentuate your roller shade the way you want. Looking for personalised sun shade sails? Explore our website and choose the most appropriate sun shade sail and enjoy the personalised feature for a hint of your personality.

Patterns: Our Printed outdoor blackout shades offer numerous striking patterns for a distinct appeal. From contemporary to classic, our exclusive range has a pattern that matches most of the aesthetic decors.

Colours: We offer a variety of colours that you can choose as per your décor or theme. The options are white, boulder, champagne, pepper, etc. You can choose as per your fabric and roller shade option.

Custom Outdoor Roller Shades are Available with Multiple Accessories

The outdoor roller window shades are available with multiple accessories that help in easily installing the roller shades. The options include lift options- white nylon bead chain, white crank, lift sides- left and right, fabric roll directions- from back of roll and from front of roll, mount type- inside mount and outside mount.

The heavy duty outdoor roller shades can be used in myriad applications. You can use them in hospitals, rooms, cafeterias, etc., for segmenting the room or covering the open window. These stylish outdoor roller shades create a pleasing ambience that easily blocks the harsh outdoor temperature for welcoming indoors.

We also offer indoor roller shades for your convenience. Check out our website and explore various roller shades for your décor.

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