Outdoor Cushion and Pillow Covers


Tailor-Made Outdoor Cushion and Pillow Covers:

All-Weather Covers for Prolonged Life & Charm of Outdoor Cushions

A brilliantly decorated outdoor living space screams, “Summer fun is on its way!” It can look even more appealing if your upholstery is in proper order. When it comes to upholstery, outdoor cushions and pillow covers play a starring role. Refined chaise lounge cushions, sofa cushions, garden chair cushions and more that show no signs of wear instantly put your interior designer self in a warm, satisfied mood. Our all-weather cushions and pillow covers are impervious to the thrashing the four seasons administer. With a brilliant combination of elegance and protection, our tailor-made covers will prolong the lifespan and charm of your outdoor cushion covers all through the year.

Tailor-Made Covers to Harmonize With Your Outdoor Haven

Exquisite is the word that springs to mind when you take in a well-coordinated outdoor living space. Our aspirations are to be of assistance in helping you achieve this through our tailor-made covering solutions. Our custom outdoor cushion and pillow covers come in two fabric variations. Both are lightweight, tear & abrasion resistant, waterproof, and UV resistant. They also come in a wide variety of vibrant colours, are customizable for different sizes, and come with tie-down options that take the idea of a modern and luxe outdoor setting a step further. Our cushion fabrics are engineered to tackle all the problems that stem from semi-shaded to moderate weather conditions. Bespoke covers made out of these weather-proof fabrics will stand the test of time and outdoor elements, keeping your cushions looking great for several years.

A Hint of Personalisation to Make Your Covers the Striking Centrepiece

We take pride in helping you build an inimitable outdoor living space with personalised covers that become its striking centerpiece. To that end, an added hint of personalisation on your outdoor cushion and pillow covers will give them a sense of uniqueness and reflect your personality. To personalise your covers, you have a choice of adding a logo or text such as a family crest or monogram printed on your cover’s centre. Your outdoor cushions or pillows covered in tailor-made, personalized covers will take your alfresco living aesthetics one notch higher.

Didn't find what you're looking for? We can create custom covers in any shape and size that'll fit like a glove. [ORDER NOW]

Custom Covers

Didn't find what you're looking for?
We can create custom covers in any shape and size - that'll fit like a glove.

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