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Shop Custom-Sized Versatile Modular Chair Covers as a Protective Barrier for Outdoor Elements

Update the style of your furniture with the theme of your space by using plush Modular Chair Covers. They can be customised in size as a universal size may not fulfil the requirements. These covers protect from moisture and sun damage while ensuring there are no scratches and frays leading to impairments.

Our modular club chair covers are designed with 3 different fabrics that provides optimal protection for moderate and extreme weather conditions. You can also personalise the covers with a unique text or logo to stand out from the crowd.

Our bestselling modular chair covers are available in different designs. You can browse through the shapes and designs to pick the best fit for your furniture.

Buy Modular Club Chair Covers to Prevent Discolouration from Sun Damage

Our Modular Chair Covers are designed to withstand inclement weather that can damage ordinary fabric. They help protect from moisture, sun damage, tears, and abrasions which can be detrimental for your covers. They are backed by warranty coverage as an added assurance.

Durable Weatherproof Fabrics: The modular club chair covers are made of 3 distinct fabrics- Cover Max, Cover Tuff, & Cover Rite. Cover Max and Cover Tuff are constructed from 1000D, PVC-coated polyester. Cover Rite is made of 600D, 100% solution-dyed polyester with a PU coating on a single side. The covers are suitable for moderate to extreme weather conditions.

Customise the Size: The club chair covers can be easily customised in size. Take down the dimensions of the chairs using our measuring guide and input the sizes in our measurement box. Additionally, you can use the measurement box for hanging chair covers to alter their size.

Protection from Moisture & Sun Damage: The waterproof club chair covers create a barrier for water permeation to protect your chairs from damage and disintegration of the fabric. Furthermore, the excessive sun radiation can lead to fading making your chairs and covers visually unappealing. Our UV-resistant fabrics ensure colourfastness and prolong the appeal for the covers.

Safeguarding from Tears and Abrasions: The club chair covers for sale feature tear and abrasion resistance safeguarding them from scratches, scuffs, rips, ruptures, and frays. These powerful protective features are also present in our rocking chair covers.

Mildew Protection: Moist conditions are breeding ground for mould and algae growth. Our chair covers for club chair in Cover Rite fabric are designed to withstand mildew and slow down their growth even when they are left neglected. The PU coating creates a barrier and inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Personalisation Feature: The outdoor modular club chair covers come with personalisation option at an additional cost. You can imprint a logo or a text to impress your guests and set your covers apart from the rest of the crowd. We give you the flexibility to choose the font style and colour that matches with other garden furniture covers for a seamless outlook.

Warranty Coverage: You can get the assurance of a warranty with our covers. Cover Rite offers up to 2 years of warranty coverage, Cover Max offers up to 3 years of warranty coverage, and Cover Tuff has warranty coverage of up to 5 years.

Get Optional Grommets, Tie-Downs, & Airbags with Club Chair Covers

The modular club chair covers come with optional grommets with equivalent spacing of 6/12/18 inches. You can choose the spacing as per your requirements. They add weight to the covers and make them withstand windy weather.

We offer several types of tie-downs including a drawstring, elastic at the bottom, push clips, elastic at the bottom with push clips, and a split zipper. There are also optional airbags available as a waterproofing solution that drift off excess moisture from the covers after downpour.

Order these incredibly pleasing and functional modular chair covers in tailored sizes. Bring the vibrancy to your home and garden area with our exceptionally crafted covers.

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