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Sectional Covers that can Snugly Fit All Sectionals

Sectional Covers Prevent Sectionals From Looking Old And Dirty

There's something about sectionals that add a touch of chic, comfort and class to your living room. You love them not just for their rich upholstered look but also their versatility that lets you arrange their pieces in different positions to enhance the look of your room.

Our sectional covers, made from waterproof and tear resistant material, prevent your sectionals from getting dirty and old. The breathable material also prevents your sectionals from being spoiled by mold and mildew.

Secured Sectional Covers Adds Life to Sectionals

From sectional armless chair cover to corner sectional chair cover, modular sectional club chair cover, right arm sectional loveseat cover, left arm sectional loveseat cover, modular sectional sofa cover and sectional set cover, we offer sectional covers for almost all categories.

To elaborate further, these are designed to fit securely over right arm facing sectionals, left arm facing sectionals, sectional sets where you will be combining two or more pieces together. All the sectionals have elastic hems to secure the covers and give them a secure and snug fit.

Customise And Personalise Sectional Covers

Whether you are using sectionals in hotels, restaurants or retail stores, we will custom fit each part of the sectional for you. Whatever the shape, all you have to do is upload the measurements to us. You can even personalize the sectional covers with your company logo, image, text or monogram. Don’t forget to choose the color that matches your decor. We will deliver your customized sectional covers at your address anywhere in the world.

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Frequently Ask Questions's for Sectional Sofa Covers

1. Why should I use sectional sofa covers?

Ans: Yes. Sectional sofa covers prove useful to protect your sectionals from dirt, wear, and tear. Our covers are made from waterproof and tear-resistant material, preventing your sectionals from looking old and dirty. They also guard against mold and mildew, ensuring your sectionals remain in top condition.

2. Do sectional sofa covers come in different sizes?

Ans: Yes, sectional sofa covers come in various sizes to fit different types of sectionals. We offer covers for armless chairs, corner chairs, modular club chairs, right arm loveseats, left arm loveseats, modular sofas, and sectional sets. Each cover is designed to fit specific sectional configurations securely.

3. Are sectional sofa covers easy to install?

Ans: Yes, our sectional sofa covers are designed for easy installation. They come with elastic at the bottom, drawstring, split zipper, and push clip to securely fit the cover over sectionals and provide a hassle-free installation experience.

4. How often should I clean or change modular sofa covers?

Ans: The frequency of cleaning or changing modular sofa covers depends on usage and personal preference. It's good practice to clean them regularly to maintain the appearance of your sectionals. Our waterproof covers are easy to clean, ensuring convenience in maintaining their freshness.

5. Are reversible sectional sofa covers available?