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Custom Pressure Washer Covers for Year-Round Protection

Pressure Washer Covers For Absolute Protection

Your efficient pressure washer ensures that your beautiful backyard is squeaky clean at all times. But outside elements like rain, snow, sleet, harsh sun, and debris pose risk to the pressure washer’s efficiency. Moisture and fine dust can damage the inside of the machine. Don’t worry as our custom pressure washer covers assure ultimate protection and add longevity to the machinery.

Made from 100% waterproof and UV-resistant material, the covers ensure your pressure washer stays dry and covered at all times. Moreover, the elegant-looking covers render a stylish look to your pressure washer, even under wraps. The protective covers come in a variety of colors and fabrics to choose from.

Bespoke Covers with Three Unique Fabric Options

To ensure that the functioning of the pressure washer is not hampered by moisture and dust particles, we custom-fit the industrial covers for you in the shape and size of your choice. For that elegant fitting cover, all you have to do is upload the measurements of your washer.

The custom covers come in three fabric variations: Cover Max, Cover Fab, and Cover Tuff. So don’t forget to choose the fabric type and color, to match your backyard landscape. We will deliver the covers to your address. Also, make sure your pressure washer stays covered even when it gets stormy outside. The covers come with several tie-down options: draw straps, push clips, elastic, and zipper to secure the covers, leaving nothing exposed.

Personalized Design on Pressure Washer Covers

While our covers render an aesthetic look to your surroundings, we also give you an option to personalize it by embedding an image, a logo, or text on the covers, to add a touch of your personality to the covers.

With our simple online tools and efficient shipping system, it only takes a few clicks of the mouse to choose, customize, and order your unique pressure washer cover. We offer free shipping on all orders over £49.

Custom Covers

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