Concrete Blankets

Coversandall ConcreteBlanket01 ConcreteBlanket01 Shop for concrete curing blankets made of waterproof, UV & mildew-resistant fabric. Our concrete blankets comes with user-friendly handles and reliable tie-down grommets. Get free shipping over £49!
  • UK Climate Adapted: Crafted for the unique British weather extremes, ensuring consistent curing
  • Sturdy Material: 10 oz 700D, HDPE fabric designed to resist tears and punctures
  • Weather Resilient: Waterproof, UV, and fade-resistant, ideal for UK conditions
  • Lasting Durability: Mould & mildew resistance backed by a 1-year UK warranty
  • Perfect Fit & Design: Bespoke sizes with an extra 2.5cm-5cm allowance for an impeccable fit
  • Effortless Installation: Comes with user-friendly handles and reliable tie-down grommets

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