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Dog Car Seat Covers to Protect Your Car from Scratches

Keep your car seats in top shape with Covers & All dog car seat covers. They not only keep your car clean, but also ensure a comfortable road trip for your dog. They are perfect to protect your car from wet dog smells, dog hair, mud, or scratches. Our dog seat cover is durable and saves time and money on frequent car washes.

From a dog car rear seat cover to dog car hammock seat cover, we offer a range of car covers to make your rides with your pet super smooth and comfy. The PHF inserts make the covers softer and more comfortable. You can combine them with a custom dog bed cushion of your choice of shape to make it the ultimate comfort zone for your pet.

Looking for a high-quality dog cover for car? Get the best deals at the lowest prices and multiple options to choose from!

Seat Protector for Dogs – A Comforting Travel Solution for Pets

Our pet car seat covers are made of Pet Max fabric, which is 600 Denier, 100% solution dyed polyester with a PU coating on one side. It enhances water resistance to restrict moisture, including accidental dog pee. The fabric is resistant to tears, abrasions, and mildew. The durable fabric is filled with 15 D hollow silicon conjugated fibre for a cushioning effect.

Just like our magnetic car windshield cover options, we have multiple size and colour alternatives for our dog car protectors. They can be customised as per your choice and requirements. They are lightweight and convenient to use. The anti-skid fabric adds stability, smoothing the bumpy ride for your pet.

The back seat cover for dogs is equipped with 14” elastic attached to push clips giving it a sturdy grip ensuring the safety of your pet during bumpy rides. Avail a 1-year warranty subject to terms and conditions. We also offer custom dog crate cover to keep your dog safe and comfortable at home also.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q1. Are dog car seat covers safe?

Ans. Certainly! A quality dog car seat cover is effective in safeguarding your vehicle's upholstery. They protect your seat covers from scratches, moisture, stains, mildew, dust and any other damage while ensuring your pet's security during travel.

Q2. How can I protect my leather car seats from my dog?

Ans. A dog car seat cover is the most effective way to safeguard your leather seats from your dog’s muddy paws, scratching nails, and wetting. These water-repellent covers keep your car seats safe from any moisture damage, mould and mildew too.

Q3. What is the best material for dog seat covers?

Ans. 100% solution dyed polyester fabric is the best material for protecting your car seats. This water-repellent material is not only mildew-proof but is highly durable. It’s lightweight, tear and abrasion-proof, and comes with 1-year warranty.

Q4. How do I stop my dog from falling off the car seat?

Ans. If your dog tends to slip off the car seat, consider purchasing a dog car rear seat cover with a hammock feature. These innovative dog hammocks securely anchor to the back seat and the headrests of the front seats, providing a stable and comfortable space for your pet during car rides.

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